Topic 50: What of ‘tempered’ harmoniums now that 22-Shruti-Harmonium is here?

22-Shruti-Harmonium is ideal for Classical Music which demands an extreme level of purity of notes. In all other forms of music, the traditional harmoniums are OK.

Further, 22-Shruti-Harmonium can be (accurately) played only in 3 notes taken as the Shadja namely, S, M and P. As against this, the Equitempered harmoniums can be played (though inaccurately) in all 12 notes taken as Shadja. 

They therefore surely have a place in other than Classical music in India.

The film music, folk music, light music can all do well with traditional harmoniums.

The 22-Shruti-Harmonium is however, the only and a perfect option for accompaniment and solo for Hindustani Classical Music.

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