Topic 6 : Previous Research work on 22 Shrutis

Many researchers have tried to discover the Mathematics behind 22 shrutis.

One scholar from Dombivli named Mr. Ranade has written a book 'Shruti-Rahasya' and given the Shruti-values as obtained by his research and he has also quoted the work of other prominent people including Pundits like Achrekar, Mulay, Clemants, Onkarnath, Brihaspati (refer to following table).

The table below shows % distances from Shadja of all the notes, as cited by different research workers. (Adopted by converting Hz values to % from Shadja, from table given in Ref : Shruti-Rahasya by G.G.Ranade, 1979, p13, 14).

There are also other values (including some on the Internet) regarding the frequencies of 22 Shrutis. Unfortunately, these researchers in music have given different values of the same Shrutis and therefore in the end, the reader is left in considerable confusion. 

In the absense of the elaboration of the underlying accurate mathematical principle, it was not surprising that the end points were different.

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