Topic 32: Practical Use of Decimals : Knowing exact distance of 22 Shrutis from Shadja

Each Shruti is expressed in 'Decimal'. From Decimals we can calculate the % frequency distance of a Shruti from Shadja.

For eg., r1 with a decimal of 1.0535 means that it is 5.35% away from Shadja. If Shadja is at 440, r1 will be at 5.35% from 440. Now, 5.35% of 440 is 23.54.

Hence, if S is at 440, r1 will be at 440 + 23.54 = at 463.54.

Let us take another example. D1 with a Decimal of 1.6666 indicates that it is 66.66% away from Shadja, and if S is at 440, it will be 66.66% away from 440. Now, 66.66% of 440 is 293.304. Hence, if S is at 440, D1 will be at 440 + 293.304 = at 733.54, and so on.

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