Topic 24 : 22 shrutis – Rational Behind the Ratios

There are people who find it difficult to understand how complicated numbers like 729/512 (m2) or 243/128 (N2) arise at all, to represent frequencies of shrutis.

The following table will explain the same.


Let me explain how is a 'Ratio' created. Atikomal Rishabh has a frequency of 105.3497942. Which is the number when multiplied by 100 will give this frequency ? It is 256/243. 256 divided by 243 and multiplied by 100 gives 105.3497942. Hence, Ratio of Atikomal Rishabh is 256/243. This is how frequencies are expressed as 'Ratios'.

We can also see the derivation of ratios another way in the following table.


It can be seen that there are simply 5 groupes of 4 shrutis each arising sequentially at a distance of 5.3497942 %6.66%11.11%, and 12.5 %, and this gives rise to the resulting frequencies and ratios of 22 shrutis.

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