Topic 20 : Efforts made by 2 prominent Indian Researchers to find our Indian scale

The following Table shows the differences in the positions of notes in a Saptak, as obtained by North Indian Pt. Bhatkhande and South Indian Pt. Sreenivas, when they attempted to fix the positions on the string by 'hearing' the notes on the string. (Refer to table in the image below). 

There have been other research workers too, and their values for 22 Shrutis have been already mentioned in Topic 6.


Table shows the % differences in frequencies of Shrutis as found by 'hearing the string' experiments done by Hindustani Classical Music Pundit Bhatkhande and Karnatak Classical Music Pundit Sreenivas.

The lesson of this experiment was loud and clear, that the Shruti positions can never be fixed by 'hearing', because, at any given time, two musicians will have a different perception of Shrutis in their brain.

The possibility of such a difference will exist irrespective of the caliber of musicians. 

Hence, the Shruti positions must have a 'irrefutable mathematical base' and that further should provide a 'simple' method to calculate the 22 Shrutis precisely.

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