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It sounds beautiful. I'm playing around in Yaman at the moment and it's making me wish I could get the higher shuddh re on my flute! But at least I can aim to master the komal shrutis. I'm sure my understanding of Indian tuning will improve much faster with the help of your instrument.


Before I bought the 22 shruti harmonium, I had read about Dr. Oke and his research, and also read through quite a bit of the mathematical foundations of his research on his website.

I was pretty excited about the concept, and decided to get the harmonium for myself. I was very pleased with the making of the harmonium, the sound quality, and, above all, the exact tuning. It is truly a precision instrument, and totally delivers on the promise of the sound (pun intended) theoretical research that has gone into its design.

A few words about the concept itself - given the amount of variation found in the specific choice of shrutis among the leading singers or instrumental soloists, I'm somewhat skeptical about the 'absoluteness' of rules around choosing a particular shruti for a given swara in a given raaga.

However, for the first time, harmonium players now have a choice. And it's always great to have a choice.


22-Shruti-Harmonium designed by yourself is a complete musical instrument suitable for Indian Classical Music for Solo as well as for Accompaniment.

It has eliminated all the errors of the Equitempered scale, rather a classical singer now will know about the correct shrutis of a raga when he or she sings with the accompaniment of this 22-Shruti-Harmonium, and the music heard by people will be in a pure form which will enrich all in knowing about the nature of a raga and it's beauty.

An exellent contribution for the Indian classical music.

(Director - Mahakal Institue of Technology & Science, M.P. India)

It is a great feeling to play this harmonium, especially so when you can see the different Samvads (Consonances) you get for different Ragas by pulling appropriate stoppers.

We have played it with few singers and feedback has been positive. In general, I think it is a great thing to be able to reproduce correct shrutis.


I just received the new harmonium and am extremely pleased with it.

The tuning is excellent and the sound quality is directly from heaven. What a fantastic rich male tone in the reeds.

I'm so happy, I cannot stop playing it. I especially enjoy singing down to the Mandra Sa and staying there a while … it's a very meditative and therapeutic experience.

The overall quality of the harmonium is impeccable. The keys are very smooth and lend themselves to playing rapid taans with ease. The finish is beautiful with a lot of attention to detail. I can tell, this instrument is not only beautiful, it is solidly built to provide lifelong service. All the Raags sound absolutely celestial on this instrument. My singing accuracy is going to benefit immensely.

On this harmonium, the perfect harmony of the Indian Shruti based chords (even though in a single scale) is so spiritually uplifting that I may never feel the need to listen to anything else.

Absolutely amazing job! Dr. Vidyadhar. Thank you very much for all your research and historical contribution to Indian Classical Music, which has culminated in the birth of such a heavenly musical instrument.

No need retire to a cave in the Himalayas, this harmonium is the one true path to Nirvana !! In my mind, this instrument has transcended the bounds of the Harmonium. For me it is NIRVANIUM !


When I heard about this concept, I was quite fascinated and wanted to be a part of this project & experience. Upon acquiring the instrument, I have used it to accompany vocalists in one on one settings and concerts.

The least I can say is; it immensely helps enrich overall musical experience. The major factor contributing to this is the ability to play the 'natural' tones or swars which complement the Raag being presented.

It is also delightful to listen to various consonant swars together within the Raag in perfect synch, which is impossible with traditional harmoniums. We also experimented with two Raags sung back to back that have the same swars but different shrutis. It is amazing to notice the value this instrument brings in such a presentation.

Switching the shruti selection is fairly easy and logical. Given the perfect and recurring rations and positions of shrutis within the octave, even though the instrument is tuned and calibrated to one root note (shadja), the same can be practically used to support scales with Madhyam or Pancham as the Shadja.

I am looking forward to more of such enriching experiences as I continue to use this instrument in most concerts.

- MR. anand karve


Congratulations on your research and creation of the 22 shruti harmonium which represents an advance in Indian classical music. I pray that it advances the understanding, performance and teaching of Indian classical music. Now what would be wonderful is if you can document the use of the shrutis in different rags by masters. For example which is the 'r' of Shree that a particular master uses.


 I am a newly passed out medical doctor in Srilanka. I am really interested in North Indian Classical Music, so I studied it while studying medicine. I am sitting for my visharad part 1 exam in January as an external candidate of Bhathkande Sangeet Vidyapith.

I was really excited and fascinated about this concept of sruthi, and I was trying to understand if for a long time using my understanding of music medicine and physics.

Accidently I came across your website and I was really amazed to see a person who has done successful work on my doubtful area. I was really really happy that I was able to listen to all 22 srutis. I am really really happy to know that you are also a medical doctor.

- Kanishka Chula, Sri Lanka

You have done an immense and valuable contribution to Indian Classical Music.

- Malkeet Panesar, UK

I am a sitarist and learnt under Ustad Vilayat Khan Saheb. I came across your website today and found it very interesting. I would like to congratulate you for the hard work you have put in. Your presentation and analysis is brilliant.

- Dharambir Singh, UK

I was delighted to find your website today with the videos of the 22-sruti harmonium. Congratulations on your research for and developing of a much needed instrument !

- Aaron Andrew Hunt

Electronic Instruments Designer and Manufacturer, USA

 I am an american guitarist and luthier who had the honor of studying with the late Ustad Ali Akbar Khan for several years. I discovered your research a little over a year ago and wanted to take a moment to thank you and let you know how important your work has been to me.

After reading your work I began experimenting with adapting 22 Shrutis to the guitar. This has been a fascinating year long journey of education and research which has lead to my current design of a "Saraswati Guitar".

Thank you so much for your research and please know that your work is traveling the world and inspiring people. As I see it, Saraswati has passed inspiration to you to help preserve Raga in the modern world.

- Adam Stein 
Luthier (USA)