What Is The Meaning of a "Shruti" ?

 There are 12 universally identifiable notes ('Swaraprakar' in Sanskrit) in any Octave (Saptak). As we play them from one end on any string, the perception of each of these 12 changes 'only' at 22 points given by nature (See numbers in green in the slide below). The sounds produced at these 22 points are the '22 Shrutis' and the 3 types of distances in-between are called as 'Shrutyantara' (in Sanskrit) (See Legend below).

- Dr. Vidyadhar Oke

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Evolution of 22 Shrutis from 1 Shadja

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1. You may play 2 shrutis together to experience consonance / dissonance.

2. For playing 22 shrutis in all 12 scales, visit "Hear the shrutis" section.

22 Shruti Video / Audio

Stalwarts Who Have Appreciated The 22 Shruti Research & Instruments

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  • This extraordinary work should be given and awarded due and deserving recognition.
  • No one has done such accurate research work before.
  • Very useful work indeed. You should take it to Vocalists.
  • Begam Parveen Sultana said - 'Music should be taught like this'. Ustad Dilshad Khan said - 'Itna surila Harmonium maine aaj tak nahi suna tha ( I had not seen such a melodic harmonium in my life )'
  • Chahe koi mane ya na mane, ye hakikat hai (Whether people accept or not, this work is the ultimate truth ).
  • His work would undoubtedly be useful to both music students and practitioners
  • I would recommend a Nobel Prize to Pt.Vidyadhar Oke for this outstanding research work. I strongly suggest that his 22-Shruti-Harmonium should be made mandatory, to all Indian Classical Vocalists in the world.
  • Oke Sahab, aap itna bada karnama kar ke gumnamime kaise rah sakate hai ? Ek karyakram rakhate hai jis me mai aap ke saath sangat karunga (Dr.Oke sahab, in spite of doing such laudable research, how have you remained in anonymity ? Let us organize a programme in which, I will do accompaniment to you).
  • Very tuneful addition !
  • India's seniormost north-indian classical violinist, Pt. D. K. Datar inaugurated the 22 shruti website, 22shrutiharmonium.com at the 2nd inuguration function at Vile Parle, Mumbai, in 2008.
  • Shrutiyonke vishaymein Sahab Oke ki malumat gajhab ki hai. (The knowledge of Oke sahib as regards 22 shrutis is astonishing)
  • You have solved the problem of shrutis in Harmonium. Now, get us the meend on your instrument.
  • The evolution of this formula has set at rest all the past discussions and disputes over the positions of shrutis- an achievement that will be written in golden letters in the history of music.
  • Very good work. I shall try to show this to Lataji
  • The work is excellent and no one is likely to do this in future (Na Bhuto Na Bhavishyati !)
  • Very good research
  • The relationship of Music and Mathematics shown by Dr.Oke is significant
  • Extremely useful contribution !
  • Dr.Oke may not get Nobel for this work. But it is OK because even Newton never received a Nobel Prize !
  • Every Musician must see this work
  • I was believing that producing accurate notes on a string is all Art. Now I know that it is Mathematics !
  • The grandson of Late Pt. Vasantrao Deshpande, and a prolific Indian Classical singer, Rahul Deshpande inaugurated the 22 shruti harmonium by using it for his accompaniment at the 'Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsava' in the year 2007, at Pune, and continues to use it for all his concerts.
  • Pt. Mahesh Kale was very happy to see the 22 shruti harmonium and learn the Shruti relationships governing various raagas.
  • I shall help to bring this work into the forefront and Academics

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