Dr. Vidyadhar Oke   World's only 4 hour On-line Course on 22 Shrutis, conducted by Dr. V. G. Oke.

1. Course Contents in General :


Basics of Sound (Wave, Frequency, Amplitude, Harmonics, Timbre, Consonance, Dissonance, Hertz, Decibel), Evolution of 22 shrutis (Shuddha Swaras, Chala/Achala Swaras,10 Swarakshetras, Poorna/Pramana/Nyuna shrutis, Shadja Grama, Madhyama Grama, Sharangadeva’s Chartussarana).


Difference between Nada, Shruti, and Swara, How to accurately sing higher and lower shrutis, Teaching of 22 shrutis using palm, Difference between 12 Equitempered notes and 22 shrutis, 22-Shruti-Organogram and Creation of Ragas, Use of accurate shrutis in Ragas with examples.

2. Time : 10 am - 2 pm.

3. Date : Please contact Dr. Oke to know the details of payment and to finalize the date.

4. Fees : Rs. 5,000 per person.

5. Contact : email - Mobile - 9820048588

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