Dr. Vidyadhar Oke   SHRUTI-NIPUN is the World's 1st and the only educational INTRODUCTORY course on 22 Shrutis, conceived and created by Dr. Oke.

Course contents (The portion relevant to participants will be covered)

1. Theory

1.1 Basics of Sound (Wave, Frequency, Amplitude, Harmonics, Timbre, Consonance, Dissonance, Beats, Hertz, Decibel).

1.2 Evolution of 22 shrutis (Chala/Achala Swaras,10 Swarakshetras, Shadja Grama, Madhyama Grama, Poorna/Pramana/Nyuna shrutis, Galileo’s Law).

2. Practical

2.1 Difference between Nada, Shruti, and Swara.

2.2 How to accurately play/sing 22 shrutis.

2.3 Demonstration of 22 shrutis using palm.

2.4 Difference between 12 Equitempered notes and 22 shrutis.

2.5 Sharangadeva’s Chatussarana.

2.6 22-Shruti-Organogram and Creation of Ragas.

2.7 Use of accurate shrutis in Ragas.

The details of the course are as below.

1. Venue : Audio - Arts Studio, Thane.

2. Address : Basement of Shop No.1, Bhagyashree Jewellers, Sumer Castle Co-operative Housing Society Limited, Adjoining Castle Mill Naka, L.B.S.Road, Thane (West), Maharashtra State, 400601, India.
Bhagyashree Jewellers is adjoining the North gate of Sumer Castle.

Major landmark : Castle Mill Naka.

Directions : From Thane station, one can take a rikshaw to Castle Mill Naka (distance – 3 km) , or while coming from Eastern Express Highway from Mumbai, take a Right at Raymond Signal, and then take a Left at the very next signal at L.B.S. Road, to reach Castle Mill Naka.

3. Time : 10 am - 2 pm.

4. Date : Please get in touch with Dr. Oke to make an appointment.

5. Fees :

No. of people Fee Per person
1 INR 4,000
2 INR 3,000
3 or more INR 2,500

6. Contact : / Mobile - 9820048588.

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