Hear The 22 Shrutis In All The 12 Fundamental Notes (Shadjas)

1. Fundamental note - C (Safet 1)

Dr. Vidyadhar Oke    Following table contains sound samples of 22 shruti for C (Safet 1) in the ET scale.

Note: For reference, a looped sound sample of Tanpura accurately tuned to C (Safet 1) in the ET scale has also been provided which can be played in the background while playing the shruti samples.

 Tanpura tuned to C (Safet 1)


     1.   S (Shadja)  
     2.   r1 (Atikomal Rishabha)  
     3.   r2 (Komal Rishabha)  
     4.   R1 (Shuddha Rishabha)  
     5.   R2 (Teevra Rishabha)  
     6.   g1 (Atikomal Gandhar)  
     7.   g2 (Komal Gandhar)  
     8.   G1 (Shuddha Gandhar)  
     9.   G2 (Teevra Gandhar)  
     10. M1 (Shuddha Madhyam)  
     11. M2 (Ekashruti Madhyam)  
     12. m1 (Teevra Madhyam)  
     13. m2 (Teevratama Madhyam)  
     14. P (Pancham)  
     15. d1 (Atikomal Dhaivat)  
     16. d2 (Komal Dhaivat)  
     17. D1 (Shuddha Dhaivat)  
     18. D2 (Teevra Dhaivat)  
     19. n1 (Atikomal Nishad)  
     20. n2 (Komal Nishad)  
     21. N1 (Shuddha Nishad)  
     22. N2 (Teevra Nishad)  
     1.   S' (Upper Shadja)  

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